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The Gospel Story Curriculum

What It Is

We teach our children the Bible - story by story. The Gospel Story Curriculum and Bible help us do this by going through the Bible once every three years. This means our children will hear the whole Bible several times as they grow up.

You can read more about it here.

How We Use It

We have a few different age groups that meet together. Our youngest children are in the nursery and play classroom. Our older children gather in a regular classroom to hear the Bible taught at their level. Our older youth join the adults in Sunday School.

Why We Use It

We want our children to know their need of Christ. We want them to understand that sin is real and that God is great. We hope you will find our classes for your children helpful in these areas. Additionally, there are parent devotionals that aid in helping you talk about each week's lesson at home.

You can find the devotionals here and here.