And Then There Was One.

How 200 Years of Presbyterian History in Dubois County Merged

Ireland Church Merges in December 1940.
1830 - Present
First Presbyterian Jasper May 2001
3240 St. Charles St.
September 1940 - May 2001
11th & Jackson Streets.
1889 - September 1940
8th & Clay Streets
This church was shared with the Trinity Evangelical Reformed Congregation. Eventually both churches experienced growth that created a demand for more access to the building, so an offer was made by the Trinity Evangelical Reformed Congregation to buyout the Cumberland Presbyterians half of the building. The Presbyterians accepted and then built a new church at 11th & Jackson Streets. This church building was torn down in the 1960's to make room for a more modern Trinity Church.
1886 - 1889
The Cumberland Presbyterian Church rented Methodist Episcopal Church until it's new church was constructed in 1889. The ME Church was eventually torn down for the construction of the old Jasper public grade school and HS on W 6th & Clay Streets. In 1936 a new HS was erected on the corner. All that remains today, at that location is the Cabby O'Neil Gymnasium. 
1836 -1886
6th & Mill Streets
It wasn't long before the log church built on the Enlow farm became to small and a new church was erected. In 1836 a frame church was built on the SW corner of 6th and Mill Streets. This became the home of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church for the next 50 years. The Methodist Episcopal Church shared the facility until a fire destroyed the town courthouse in 1839 and the County rented the building 6 days a week from the Presbyterian congregation until the new courthouse was built in 1845.   The church bell, bolted to a crosspiece and supported by two upright poles, was used for many years as a town fire bell. The same bell is on display outside our current church location on St. Charles St. In 1886, this much used church was torn down because of its deteriorating physical condition.
Cemetery Drive & Brucke Strasse
In 1830 the County Seat was moved to Jasper. The Cumberland Presbyterians then saw a need for an organized church. Monetery help came from the settlers in Ireland and the Indiana area which led to the building of a log church. The Cumberland Presbyterian Church became the first organized church in the village of Jasper. It was located on the Enlow farm next to the cemetery pictured above. The cemetery is next to the Jasper 8 Cinema.
1885 - 1940
Corner of Grant & South St. Ireland, IN
The Ireland Cumberland Presbyterian Church was constructed in 1885, as the Shiloh congregation became to large for the building. As transportation became more modern and jobs more plentiful in Jasper, Presbyterians had migrated to the Jasper Presbyterian church. In December of 1940, the 75 year old church was dissolved and the congregation transferred to Jasper. A few members, who lived closer to Portersville, transferred there.
1849 - 1885

4060 W Shiloh Rd, Jasper, IN

The Cumberland Shiloh Presbyterian Church was built in 1849. The church was a combining of three small Presbyterian log churches in the Ireland Indiana area. As the population grew in the county, a need for a more centralized church was addressed. The Old Shiloh Log Church, The Anderson Log Church, the Mt. Zion Log Church combined in 1849 to form the new Cumberland Shiloh Presbyterian Church. This church remained active until 1885. Pictured above is an old photo of the Shiloh Church before blacktop road was installed. The picture below is a recent photo of the Shiloh Church. In 1885 the members transferred to the new Ireland Presbyterian Church. The Shiloh Church is still standing today and was placed on the National Register of Historical Places in 1982.
Pictured above is the location for the Old Cumberland Shiloh Log Church built in 1817 and was used until 1839. The church was located near to the cemetery now known as Hillsboro/Hobbs Cemetery on CR W150N, west of Ireland, IN. The congregation was formed in 1817 on the John Walker homestead. A few members did not transfer to the Shiloh Church and started the Hillsboro Cumberland Presbyterian Church just down the road.
Pictured above is the location for the Mt. Zion Cumberland Presbyterian Log Church and Cemetery. It is located just south of Neuhoff & Wagner Building Supply on N600W.
The Anderson Cumberland Presbyterian Log Church was located a 1/4 mile south of W150 on N875W Road. The headstones for the cemetery are just to the right of the tree in the center of the photo.
Portersville Church Merges in December 1988.
The Portersville Union Church was built in 1878. It was called the Union Church because the church building was shared by the Presbyterians, Methodists and Lutherans. The original Portersville Union Church was sold to finance this church with each denomination putting up $300. In 1905 the church was exclusively used by the Presbyterians and in 1909 The steeple was added to the church. In December 1988 the church dissolved and the members were transferred to the First Presbyterian Church of Jasper.
1860 - 1966
The Lemmons Church was the First Presbyterian Church built in the Portersville area. Built in 1860 and was dissolved as a church in 1966 and its members transferred to the Portersville Church. The Lemmons Church was restored. Lemmons was placed on the National Register of Historical Places on June 4, 1992. The church was named for Jacob Lemmon, who was the founding father of Portersville (1814) and who sold the property to the church for $1. The Lemmons Church and The Union Church were served by the same pastor for many years.  Until early in the year 1923, Lemmon and Portersville churches were known in Vincennes Presbytery as the Lemmon congregation. When the session met January 10, 1923 it was decided to send a delegate to Presbytery at Evansville to take steps toward making Portersville a church with its own name.  John Brittain was sent as a delegate and took a petition which contained names of 53 persons who wished to be members of the Portersville church.  Moderator of Presbytery, Dr. J.B. Miller at Parke Memorial Church, Evansville, April 16, 1923, presented the petition and asked for a change of name.  A commission was appointed to organize a church.  Those appointed were Rev. J.C. McClung, Rev. L.A. Harriman, Rev. C.J. Grimes, and elders J.A. Brittain of the Lemmon congregation and W.B. Morgan of the Ireland Presbyterian church.  This commission with Dr. J.B. Miller as moderator met on May 11, 1923 and the Portersville Union Church was organized.  Later the name was changed to Portersville Presbyterian Church.  
The Cumberland Presbyterians, Methodists and Lutherans of Boone Township worshipped initially at Fort McDonald in 1817. by 1818 a single building of worship was built and shared at different times on alternating Sundays. Small congregations could not afford to each build a church, so they shared a simple log church from 1818 - 1826. It was common with churches who shared the same building to be called Union Churches. No one is quite sure where the first Union Church was located, other then to say it was 3 miles SW of Portersville. That would put the church in the vicinity of St. John Lutheran Church. Many of the  Cumberland Presbyterians of the Union Church Congregation worshipped there until the Lemmons Church was constructed. The Lemmons Church was a farther drive so not all of the Presbyterian families jumped ship to the Lemmons church. After 50 years of use, a new Union Church was built in Portersville in 1878. Since the Union Church had ministers from different denominations, it was never considered a full congregational Church until 1923. This is the reason why the Lemmons Church is considered the first Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Portersville area.