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Finding a church

When you type "churches near me" into Google you likely are not sure what you are looking for in a church.

Do they believe the Bible? Do they teach you what is in the Bible? Do they have a pastor or elder who will be available to you?

These and a thousand other questions are probably rolling through you mind.

At First Presbyterian Church in Jasper we want you to feel welcome when you arrive. We want you to have your questions answered as you leave. And we want to see you grow in your faith.

Because we desire these things we are dedicated to being available to the members of our church and to anyone who might walk through the door on a Sunday. We will be looking for you and will recognize you as a visitor because we know our members well.

Bring us all your questions. Bring us all your baggage. Bring us all your sin and sorrow. Jesus Christ is a good shepherd and he wants all to come to him.

So, if you're searching for a "church near me" then we hope you'll find us and stop by. We look forward to meeting you and to loving you.

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