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Infant baptism in our church

As a member of Evangel Presbytery we have an open policy regarding infant (paedo) baptism. Which means if you are convinced your children should be baptized into the faith - then you are free to do that.

If you are convinced that baptism should only follow profession of faith - then practice that freely.

How committed to this are we? Well, I am a credo-baptist by conviction - I believe baptism should only follow a profession of faith. I am an ordained minister in Evangel. We allow conviction on both sides for members and pastors. We are committed to not dividing over this issue.

In fact we have a whole chapter in our Book of Church Order dedicated to how we work together without dividing. You can read the chapter on baptism here.

In this, we know we differ from other Presbyterian denominations like the PCA and OPC. We believe, however, that reformed believers of all stripes have more in common than not and we should work together to make the Gospel known.

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