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Local Elders

Our church currently (as of 2021) is considered a church plant. Why? Because we do not have local men who have been ordained as ruling elders.

There are lots of reasons this is the case for us here in Jasper. Our transition out of the PCUSA several years ago meant that several folks who had been ordained were no longer recognized as elders in the PCA and, subsequently, in Evangel. A second reason is that we have been quite small for some time. This, by God's kindness, is changing. We are a growing congregation.

Our hope in 2021 is to have several men go through elder training here at the church. We will be working through two books: The Westminster Confession of Faith for Study Classes and Elders Reformed. These will give both the theology of our church and the practical side of pastoring to our men.

If all goes well, we plan to install at least two of these men in February 2022 as our local elders and become a particular church in Evangel. Please pray that this happens.

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