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We have a baptist pastor

When most people hear the word Presbyterian they think of infant baptism. That's a pretty accurate thought. Even though the word "presbyter" means "elder" and the marker of Presbyterianism is its government, it has historically also been paedobaptist.

So, how did I, a credo-baptist, end up the pastor of an historically paedo-baptist church? By being a part of Evangel Presbytery, that's how.

Though there are major differences between the two understandings of baptism, our group of churches desires to be united rather than divided. We believe that when the Lord returns we will all know who was right, and who was wrong. But, until that day we will link arms and not be divisive over the issue.

The next logical question you might have is "will he baptize my infant?" And the answer to that is "No, I will not. But, we will work within our presbytery to get it done." Each church is free to work out how best to accommodate the varying faiths of its people.

Come and see the way we work together. We are a Reformed church - but we do not divide over baptism. And the fellowship is sweet.

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